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Bobby Brooks The Mix Master is delighted to share his passion for food and the culinary arts with customers from all corners of the globe 
Bobby provides a number of specialty services to local residents and visitors of the Los Angeles CA.
Bobby Brooks The Mix Master provides a number of specialty services to visitors, residents and businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. His services include personal chef services which means you can have your own in home chef to prepare meals for you and your friends or if you wish you can have gourmet meals delivered fresh to your home. Bobby also offers cooking classes, culinary instruction, farmers market tours, farm tours of artisan food producers and home delivery of fresh produce direct from local farms.
Bobby Brooks The Mix Master uses only the freshest available ingredients, all prepared to exacting standards. Thanks to the farming community of the Los Angeles area a variety of high quality ingredients are always readily available.  Farm fresh organic fruits, vegetables, cheeses, local grass-fed beef and lamb and a range of fish and shellfish are all available.  Today, more farmers are producing sought after specialty and artisanal foods. 
The simple act of sharing food allows us a chance to celebrate our cultural heritage;food and culture are intimately linked.  If we stop to think about where our food comes from, who grows it and how it heals us we can begin to appreciate our inherent responsibility to be good stewards of the land. http://www.bobbybrooks.bizCooking_Show_News_Blast_2.htmlhttp://www.bobbybrooks.bizCooking_Show_News_Blast_2.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3

Bobby Brooks THE MIX MASTER aka THE CULINARY CRIME-LORD is not your ordinary guy – nor does he lead an ordinary life. Only the recording artists he has worked with – Stevie Wonder, Rick James,Teena Marie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, ICE-T & Bodycount, P.O.D., Def Leppard, Tina Turner, Stanley Clarke, Eddie Murphy, Jody Watley, El De barge, Brandy and Diana Ross to name just a few – know the delights of his creative passions in the recording studio and the kitchen. Bobby has made a legendary name for himself working with music royalty and until now only those privileged few have had the chance to experience his culinary delights. Bobby was the ” weird one” in his family going into the music business instead of the family restaurant business, the legendary soul food restaurant, H & A, an iconic institution for over 70 years on the extremely rough South side of Chicago. As a matter of fact cooking in Bobby’s family goes all the way back over 200 years to the 1800’s in Mississippi. At the urging of recording artists, friends and fans THE MIX MASTER will now share his culinary skills and approach with everyone ranging from the skid row homeless to the privileged of Beverly Hills. Bobby is jumping all in as he goes against the culinary establishment head first in his ANTI-CHEF fashion, explaining “The Art Of Balance & Technique”. He’ll “gangsta ur grill & straight punk ur palette” as he comes “Bustin Out” of his culinary compound and into your living room.