The Mix Master Cookbook

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My Name Is Bobby Brooks, I make a living mixing & producing records with some of the biggest artist on the planet,but yo check it ,i also love to cook, now music and cooking have a lot in common, they have high notes and low notes ,blends and mixes, now whether i’am in the studio or the kitchen i’am all about the art of Balance and Technique so come and join me on a rock & roll road trip thru my culinary world. this recipe book is a collection of my secret recipes i have refined over the years and have served to many of my clients and friends, during session breaks, here they are for you to use as a base of culinary colors enjoy and begin to paint your way into everyone’s heart.

Bobby Brooks.

What you should know

Bobby Brooks

Recording Eng/ Producer,Filmmaker,Editor,Multimedia Wizard,Cook/Chef,Activist,Perfectionist

Favorite Spice
My Rock & Roll Spice Rub

Favorite Cooking technique

Favorite Heat Source for proteins
Charcoal Grill

Favorite Protein
Aged Rib Eye Steak

Personal Motto:"
“If Your Gonna take the time to do it do it right”
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Sample Recipes
Chile Vinegar-Black Pepper Dipping SauceChile_Vinegar-Black_Pepper_Dipping_Sauce.htmlChile_Vinegar-Black_Pepper_Dipping_Sauce.htmlChile_Vinegar-Black_Pepper_Dipping_Sauce.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
Crispy Halibut Fish Taco’s
Grilled Lamb Gyro’s